Perfect Landing Malta

Personal Help for Your Professionals

Hiring Staff from Abroad?

You spend thousands of Euros searching worldwide for personnel for your company in Malta. Recruitment agencies take care of the search process and the screening, and you might end up with one or two candidates who get an offer. 
However, for the candidate it´s not just about a new job, it´s a new country and new lifestyle to consider. And the decision becomes even more complex if the employee moves here with a family.

Making Your Candidates Feel at Home in Malta

The actual recruitment part of the process is well taken care of within the company; interviews, contracts, introduction at the office, getting a desk, computer etc. But, no matter the salary, no matter the job offer, if the rest of the family feel left out, or feel lost in their new country, your new employee will most probably not stay long enough to have a lasting impact.  
We make sure the whole family arrives, with a good understanding of what their new life in Malta will be like. We help finding the right school for their children, sports clubs, children activities, the right place to live. Which can be crucial for settling in well in a new country. We can even introduce them to other families with children the same age, or families from the same country that have done the same move. This will free a lot of time for your new employee, making him/her able to focus on the job rather than practical and private issues.